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Epson View(iOS, Android)Ver.2.0.2 released.

Bug fixes and performace improvements.

Epson View Ver. 2.0.1 released.

- It is now possible to upload workout/activity data just by connecting wrist device to the PC.
- It is now possible to reupload workout/activity data from wrist device. (Web version)
- Improved usability of wrist device display and measurement settings. (Web, iOS, and Android versions)
- Release notifications for the latest versions of device firmware are displayed, and Epson View Uploader can now be updated. (Web version)

System maintenance

The web service is currently undergoing system maintenance and is temporarily unavailable for time period listed below.
– NY 14th May, 2017 AM11:00 – 14th May, PM16:00
– LA 14th May, 2017 AM9:00 – 14th May, PM14:00


Epson View(iOS, Android)Ver.1.1.2 released.

Improvement of performance

Notice for all Epson View (Android version) users

We have confirmed a bug in which Epson View (Android version) automatically shuts down as a result of certain keyboard inputs.
This bug occurs on smartphones with the latest version of Android System WebView installed.
Please install Epson View (Android version) build 1.1.0 or above to solve this issue.
We have also confirmed that this bug does not occur in Epson View (iOS version) or Epson View Uploader (Windows and Mac versions).

Epson View(iOS, Android)Ver.1.1.1 released.

Improvement of map display


Epson View Ver.1.1.0 released

– Added Goals Card: Create workout time/distance goals and manage your progress.
– Added Medals Card: Earn medals for various activities.
– Added Search Feature: Find your workouts fast by searching by workout name.
– Added a summary feature. (Web version)
– Bug fixes and performace improvements


Epson View Now Available