Setting the device settings on a PC

Set the wrist device into the USB charging clip, and connect the other USB connector to the PC. (This will display the Epson View Uploader.)

※ If the Epson View Uploader does not display:

(On Windows)
Right click the icon, then click “Display icon.”
(On Mac)
Click the icon.

Click “Wrist Device Settings.”

Setting the device settings on a PC

Activity Settings

Sets sleep time measurement.

If you set “bedtime” and “wake-up time”, the device will measure your sleep time during that interval.


  • Time when the wrist device is removed and left alone will be counted as sleep time if between “bedtime” and “wake-up time.”
  • Time when the device is connected to the USB charging clip and charging will not be counted as sleep time.

Setting the device settings on a PC

Setting the device settings on a PC

Watch Display Settings

Sets the watch display settings.

  1. ① Sets the seconds display (On / Off)
  2. ② Selects the activity display (Steps / Distance / Calories / Off)

General Settings

[Date and Time]

  • Hour Format: Sets the time display to 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • Daylight Saving Time: Sets the daylight saving time.
  • Automatic Time Zone Setting: Automatically sets the time zone according to your country and region.
  • Time difference: When automatic time zone setting is set to off, sets the time difference between local time and standard time.
  • Week Display: Changes the date display to Monday – Sunday or Sunday – Monday.
  • Auto Search: Automatically conducts GPS positioning at periodic intervals even when not measuring, shortening the time to conduct GPS positioning when measurement is enabled.

[Language and Units]

  • Language: Sets the display language.
  • Distance Units: Sets metric or imperial units.

[Display and Preferences]

  • Contrast: Sets the display contrast.
  • Auto Sleep: Allows the device to automatically enter sleep mode when left idle for a certain time.
  • Light-up Timing:
    • Wrist Turn: When wearing the watch on your wrist, the motion of looking at the watch turns the light on.
    • Button Operation: The light turns on when any button is pressed.
    • Workout: The light is constantly on during your workout. (Even when this is set to off, the light will turn on if Wrist Turn or Button Operation is set to on.)

[Wake-up Alarm]

You can set up to 5 alarms.

Setting the device settings on a PC